Commercial Services

Unlike residential properties, businesses suffer every single day that things aren’t customer ready. At Emergency Flood Team by Citrus Fresh in Calabasas, California, we understand the impact of water, fire and mold damage or just a less than clean business appearance on your company’s revenue stream. From professional deep cleaning assistance that goes beyond what regular janitorial services can provide to complete post-damage renovation, Citrus Fresh is here to make your business thrive squeaky clean and looking like new.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, there can be nothing like the assurance that business doors will reopen right away. In Calabasas, we’ve seen too many offices close due to health code violations due to mold growth or bacterial presence, not to mention costly water damage left untended to or a devastating fire that leaves a business wondering where to go now their property is unable to welcome customers.

Luckily, at Citrus Fresh, we specialize in professional, board-certified repairs and complete commercial restoration at a fraction of the price of our competitors. And with 24/7 emergency response capabilities, we can work outside of your regular business hours to bring your facility back up and running.

Don’t wait for a simple problem to shut you down or let a big catastrophe close your doors permanently.

Call Citrus Fresh in Calabasas, California today to schedule water, fire, mold damage restoration or deep cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning Service

Our experienced IICRC certified hygiene specialists will transform any space that’s suffered from years of wear-and-tear into a fresh looking space at the most affordable price.

  • Carpet steaming, shampoo and conditioning
  • Walls Stain Removal
  • Ceiling Panel Cleaning
  • Fixture residue removal
  • Surface Abrasion and Dirt/Dust elimination
  • Sterilization of high-traffic areas for bacteria free space
  • Deodorization/ozonation for smoke removal or lingering smells
  • Furniture and upholstery stain removal and deep cleaning
  • Bathrooms
  • Windows

Water, Fire and Mold

With 20+ years of experience in mold remediation and restoring water and fire-damaged properties, you can trust that Citrus Fresh will handle your emergency plumbing situation or mold contamination with expediency and skill. Our proprietary cleaning solvents and methods are safe and effective in removing hard set stains and areas resistant to other forms of cleaning.

Large Scale Damage

When a catastrophe occurs, timing is of the essence. After emergency crews have left your facility or before the damage becomes serious, call Citrus Fresh right away. Our Southern California network of vehicles and response teams is big and robust enough to handle any emergency.

Flood? We’ve got teams of vans with industrial pumps.
Huge fire? Let us bring a squad of fire specialists to your property.
Crime scene cleanup? We’re some of the best in the business.

There’s no job to large or too small for us to handle. If you’re in Calabasas or anywhere in the greater LA metro area, call us today at (818) 483-6922 to help you get things under control and restored to flawless condition. Types of large-scale clients that have trusted us in the past:

  • Restaurants/Hotel
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Property management companies
  • Government buildings

Municipal Structures

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