Fire Damage

After the emergency crews have left your Calabasas home or business, smoke odors and soot can create a cleanup nightmare for you and your family. Heat-related damage such as warping and discoloration are difficult cleanup jobs and often require professional help to prevent further damage. That’s why Emergency Flood Team by Citrus Fresh is here to help you regain safe access to property as quickly as possible. With 20+ years in refurbishing burnt properties, our professionally certified emergency fire crews will be have your property looking and smelling Citrus Fresh, Fast.

Industry-Leading Fire Damage Services

Emergency Flood Team Citrus Fresh leads in fire restoration services throughout Southern California. Our reliable and state-of-the art techniques can totally turn your fire situation around.

  • Full inspection of your property: Fire damages are widespread and can effect areas of your home that were distant from actual flame. Cancer-causing substances released during a Calabasas fire can create lasting health concerns. Identification and removal of these compounds is critical for a healthy, smoke free environment
  • Inventory: We record every move that we make on your property, making it easy to file your insurance claim
  • Restoration Technology: We assess each piece of furniture and service to determine the best combination of restoration solutions to bring your belongings and property back to life!
    • Surface restoration: metallic fixtures, repainted surfaces, reshaping of warped items, removal of soot from curtains, carpets, furniture
    • Protein residue removal
    • Damage Mitigation: We don’t like you spend money when you can save! That’s why the first thing we do is to protect undamaged areas and prevent future damages.

Did you know?

  • Different smoke types create different damage profiles while Citrus Fresh will assess on arrival.
  • Smoke can move throughout the house and effect interiors, attics, ceilings, and ducts
  • Ash can settle inside furnishings and leave a smoke smell long after a fire has been extinguished. Only a professional cleaning can remove these odors for good.

Differences in smoke?

Not all smoke residues are created equally! At Citrus Fresh, we use different cleaning methods for different types of smoke.

  1. Dry smoke – dry powdery, nonsmearing using high temperature and fast burning
  2. Wet smoke – smearing and appearing in webs of residue, lower temperature and longer burning (most kitchen fires). Difficult to clean
  3. Fuel oil soot – Furnace by product or combustible gas residue. Hazardous to health and poses a carbon monoxide concern.
  4. Fire extinguisher – you may have put the fire out, but the chemicals inside that foam are poisonous! Let us help you remove it

Call the Calabasas Fire Damage Professional at Citrus Fresh today for help solving your fire issues today (818) 483-6922

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